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The essence of Hedone is community and the deliberate act of archiving the stories and experiences of those of us who are not cisgenderheterosexual men. We focus on the stories of marginalised communities as an act of recentering. We know there’s wonderful power in storytelling, especially when it comes to trans, nonbinary and femme loves. We’re building this community so that we can create, share and bear witness to each other’s lives.

Pitches we'd love to see:

  • Articles and first person essays centered around pleasure and how it intersects with identity, mental health, wellness, disability, finance, sex work, community, digital living and healing.

  • Comment pieces, profile interviews, videos, mini podcasts, digital art, illustrations, listicles, etc. looking into the above. As well as politics, culture, music, art, and life as you experience it.

  • Anything teaching our readers something new, or gives them useful tips and tools that will deepen their relationship with pleasure and healing.

  • Creations with a voice that is accessible first, conversational, compassionate and pleasure-filled. We do not tokenise trauma porn or clickbait.

  • Work that is original (not published elsewhere) and authentic to you! Draw from your own lived experience, eg. if the pitch is about sex work, it must be written by a sex worker.

Please allow us some time to consider all the submissions before expecting a response. Hedone is a currently a two person team so be patient and kind - we're just excited to publish your work as you are!


Thanks for submitting!

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