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How are you doing, really?
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Casey Blake
Oct 25, 2021
This has been a tough one to answer, because I honestly done know. My spouse pointed out that I was grumpy a few weekends ago- after it had passed- and I honestly thought I was just in a slightly not great mood. I thought I had done a good job of acknowledging it for myself, so that it didn't leak out everywhere. Reality check, it leaked out EVERYWHERE. I did some reflecting, and there was a lot going on. I had felt unsafe in a professional development group where a supervisor casually(and violently) discussed sexual diversity from the straightest, uninformed space with a clear lack of curiosity. It took my spouse checking in with my grumpiness (4 days later) for me to click how much that had impacted me. I messaged a colleague in the group (not the person who was casually violent) and shared my thoughts and reflections. (It was her case being discussed, so it felt ok to say I disagreed, but didn't feel safe I the group to do so. Here are my thoughts on what might be going on with your client, and some avenues to explore with them) My mood has picked up since. And I think holding my own boundaries like that, even if it feels not enough (my mean brain says it's only enough when it's in the moment of violence, which isn't always possible) really helped me to stand in myself for the talk with the religious schools (who are anti queer, so I had to be subtle with the queer info, and less subtle about the damage that threats of hell do to people's healthy development.... I'm leaning into the rest of the year. There is a sense of uncertainty which my anxiety is trying to latch onto. But being flexible and allowing rest feels like keys to navigating what is left of 2021

Casey Blake

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