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The fantasy of sex toys

Review by Violet Alexei (they/them) | Edited by Gaby Sanchez (they/she)

Image by Violet Alexei

As a content creator in the sex work industry, my goal is to produce captivating content that resonates with my audience while showcasing my creative expression.

When I stumbled upon Exotic World Store about a year ago, I was immediately captivated and filled with excitement at the endless possibilities it offered. After careful consideration and inquiries about their toys, including texture options and adaptations, I finally made the decision to place an order.

To my delight, Exotic World Store recognized my potential as a brand ambassador and included an extra toy in my order. In return, I happily agreed to do an unboxing and create a few promotional pictures.

Much to my surprise, the delivery was remarkably swift, exceeding my expectations. Despite the website indicating a manufacturing lead time of 10-14 business days and an additional 3-7 business days for delivery, I received my customised toys by November 9th, 2022—a truly pleasant surprise!

The item I personally ordered was the Cy in size small, boasting a mesmerising Green Peacock colour and a medium texture. The overall visual appeal of this fantasy dildo is unparalleled. Its shimmering surface evokes a sense of enchantment, resembling something straight out of a storybook. That said, in hindsight, opting for the soft texture would have been a better choice. The firm bumps and knobs on the dong provide intense stimulation during play, but I would have preferred a bit more flexibility.

While I primarily used the Cy for vaginal pleasure, I'm confident it would also excel in anal play. Its pronounced curves make it suitable for both anal and vaginal pleasure during anal play. Overall, I rate this toy a 7/10, mostly because of its limited flexibility and the absence of a suction cup base for securing it to surfaces.

Exotic World Store also included a mini-sized Sathanas in Neon Pink, featuring the soft texture option. Let me tell you, this toy is phenomenal! The texture of the tentacle, its flexibility, and the satisfying girth ticked all my boxes for a perfect toy! While the colour lacks the luxurious sheen of Cy's metallic shade, it possesses its own unique beauty, particularly under coloured LED lights, which I thoroughly enjoy.

When I mention the flexibility of this toy, I am not exaggerating. It bends effortlessly, finding all the right spots and stimulating them without overwhelming intensity. It's like having a gentle lover that knows exactly what you need. The mini size is ideal for those exploring the pleasures of anal play, especially if you have a tentacle or hentai kink. For vaginal play, I would personally recommend ordering a size medium, as it would be visually appealing for work and allow for hands-free play with a larger toy. Overall, I rate this toy a 9/10, with the only drawback being the absence of a suction cup base.

Why is a suction cup important to me? It simply enhances the usability of the toy! A suction cup allows for comfortable, hands-free play by securely attaching the toy to various surfaces. This is especially beneficial for individuals with larger bodies like myself, as it can be challenging to maintain the perfect angle while holding a toy manually.

The option to affix these toys to the wall of your bath or shower is particularly handy. After discussing this with Exotic World Store, they mentioned considering the addition of a suction cup base as an option for their products in the future. When I make my next order I will definitely choose the suction cup option for my toy!

Thanks to the silicone material used in these toys, they are perfectly suitable for wet environments—pun intended. Cleaning them is quick and easy, requiring only soap and water. Afterward, allowing them to air dry or gently patting them dry with a clean towel is recommended if immediate storage is desired.

Overall, my experience with Exotic World Store has been highly satisfactory. Their communication has been prompt and professional. Shipping, especially for custom items, was surprisingly fast, and the quality of their products is impeccable! The only aspect I would suggest improving is the packaging. Currently, the packaging consists of plastic, which most of us would simply discard. Offering higher-end packaging options such as a box or satin bag would elevate the unboxing experience and provide customers with a storage solution for their toys.

Additionally, I mentioned to the Exotic World Store team that including a toy care card would be beneficial. This way, customers would have proper guidance on how to care for their items and recommendations for lubes that complement their toys.

To create a truly comprehensive one-stop shopping experience, Exotic World Store could consider stocking high-quality lubricants that are specifically suited for use with their toys. By offering a combination of customizable dongs, storage bags or boxes, lube options that won't damage the toys, and informational resources on toy care, customers would find everything they need in one place.

If you've ever contemplated purchasing a fantasy sex toy, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out for your next indulgent shopping spree.


Violet Alexei

They/them human who enjoys making erotic art and learning more about myself through this medium. More of an introvert than I'd care to admit, however I do have an affinity to exhibitionism. In short, I like to create adult content and get off on showing off. Outside of kink, I take pleasure in trying new foods, learning new skills and creating gifts for those I care for with the skills I've acquired. I think in a nutshell, I'm someone who loves to learn and share.

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