Storya x Hedone challenge

By Lweendo Hamukoma (she/her)

Image by Ramez E. Nassif

Welcome to the StoryaXHedone Challenge, where we bring sexual fantasy and pleasure to the Storya platform.

Storya is a creative writing platform app that allows readers to experience stories from anywhere in the world like never before. In addition, Storya offers creative writers free access to AI translation and blockchain tools like NFTs to create, share and monetise multimedia stories.

Hedone is the Queen of the fairies and the Greek goddess of pleasure, enjoyment and bliss. She is the Muse of Delight, spreading ecstasy and fulfilment. The Hedone community platform takes on her attributes in their work, creating a soft landing that supports and nourishes your body, mind and soul, reclaiming what pleasure is to you. Audre Lorde has theorised that the power of the erotic is in all we do. We are challenged to use our imaginations, fuelled by Black and Brown feminisms, healers and activists. We move forward via social justice and pleasure activism to shape realities that awake, understand and prioritise our wellness in every form.

We are partnering to create stories of pleasure and sexual fantasy for a one-month writing challenge. Each week we will provide a writing prompt, and you can submit a story of a minimum of 1000 words. You have the option to submit a new story each week or add to your existing story. Translating services are built into the Storya platform so you can translate your story using AI technology and between Italian, French, Spanish, German and English for the competition. In addition, we are adding Zulu and Swahili as additional language offerings.

You stand a chance to win a $200 cash prize, a 3-month writing fellowship and the opportunity to participate in the launch of an NFT collection based on stories from the StoryaXHedone Challenge.

Next steps,

  1. Download the Storya app here for iOS and here for Android.

  2. Write “StoryaXHedone Challenge” at the end of your story summary when you are ready to submit it.

  3. Tick that you are open to viewing explicit content on the platform.

  4. Now go explore and enjoy other people’s stories!

The competition runs from 24 October- 24 November 2022.