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Let's lube it up

Community review, compiled by Tshegofatso Senne (they/he/she)

This is not a sponsored review.

A few months ago I reached out to Liquid Gold Lube. I had tried the product and loved it but wanted to get the opinions of others as well. Hello, a locally-made lube? Of course I was curious!

Some background info from their website:

Liquid Gold Lube is an organic, proudly South African, plant and water-based,

chemical-free sexual lubricant that ensures only the highest quality ingredients are

used on your sacred areas. Our nourishing lubricant doesn't dry up or get sticky,

enhancing your experience and enjoyment.

We are a premium, environmentally conscious and gender-neutral brand. Our

packaging is all fully recyclable and reusable, making an impact in your bedroom rather than on the planet.

Liquid Gold Lube is dedicated to normalizing the enjoyment of a universally utilized product. As we know your body deserves only the best quality products and we want to ensure our product meets these needs. We believe in having a transparent relationship with our consumers, ensuring you know exactly what you’re getting with our product.

So! Liquid Gold allowed me to buy a few bottles ata lower price, I ran a lil giveaway, sent some lubes to the Hedone community and they sent through some of their thoughts! Enjoy, in this house we love a good lube.

Love, love LOVE this lube! I have a very sensitive pussy so I tend to struggle with lubes that fuck with my pH, but this one is pretty amazing. The fact that it doesn't feel sticky is also a win for me. I didn't have to reappply, felt no itching or discomfort and better still, it doesn't leave weird stains on my linen or that strange feeling when lubes dry on you.

I’d never really been one to consider lube an essential but I’ve completely converted now. In the past, using lube would leave me feeling sticky afterwards and it was always scented or flavoured so that would mess with my pH balance. I love love love Liquid Gold from the packaging to the actual product it’s absolutely perfect, no stickiness, no weird flavours and it 100% just enhances sex overall. I will definitely be using this brand for a long long time.

Cute packaging. Water-based. Unscented. Easy pump situation for easy access. LISTEN. This is my new favourite lubricant. It does what needs to be done and it feels so natural! You know how some lubes don't really 'gel' with your own juices? This one totally does. Thanks for this giveaway, I'm such a fan. Highly, highly recommend!

I was lucky enough to receive the gift of Liquid Gold to try for the first time. I am a sucker (excuse the pun) for all things rooibos so this lube immediately caught my attention. Let me tell you, it falls well into the category of superior lube. My lady bits are super sensitive, after trying a few many products for myself and with my partner (some resulting in UTI’s thanks to all the terrible ingredients) I can with confidence say that this Liquid Gold is 100% natural, my lady bits loved it in every pleasurable way. It delivered, it’s gentle, it doesn’t stick & stain and it’s versatile for individual and partner play. The packaging is gorgeous and inconspicuous for those who are a little shy. Looks just like your face products. Hands down the best lube I have used and will continue to use.

Promise, I didn't ask anyone to say anything this sensational, lol. Thanks for the deliciousness, yall! Let's do this again.

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