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Full moon reflection

Written by Vuyiswa Xekatwane (she/her)

Image by Ganapathy Kumar

Happy Full moon in Capricorn, baratoa. What a wild few weeks it's been with eclipses, retrogrades and the solstice all nudging us towards unexpected revelations and necessary changes.

Relationships (of all kinds) are being highlighted at this time, more specifically, how we relate with others. Am I being heard in my relationship? Am I listening in my relationship? Am I practicing empathy towards myself and those around me? Are my boundaries clear and upheld? How am I honouring the boundaries and humanity of those around me? How am I honouring my own intuition and humanity in my relationships?

Work, productivity and long term stability are other themes at the moment, maybe you're thinking about that bond, marriage, investments and other long term goals. Pause, breath and give it time, plan it out. Don't panic.

Full moons are for release and Capricorn is asking us to release fear, to release deprivation, to release perfectionism, to break down the walls and allow for vulnerablility to take a moment to reflect and review, to look back and consider the root of chaos, to breathe and release anxiety about the future by present, and grateful. To have consideration for the future but also, to trust the process.

What have the past few weeks been trying to teach you? What have they been telling you? About yourself and about the relationships you're in?

This is also a moment for our water guides, for womb health and fertility, so thread some waist beads or do some womb healing through meditations or dancing (twerking, dutty whine, etc). For those without wombs, do some root and sacral chakra work. If you are menstruating, that is your full moon ritual. Take long leisurely baths too, burn some herbs (and spices) and say your prayers. This is the reality check.

You know moes, check yourself before you wreck yourself. (I. e the moon is full, watch your mouth!)

Release shame. Release guilt.

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