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3 questions for intentional sex

by Tumi Moloto (they/them), interpreted in South African Sign Language by Thuli Zikalala.

In this video, our community fave Tumi Moloto, sex and relationship coach, podcaster and medicine maker, takes us through 3 questions they like to ask before having a sexual experience with others.

Thuli Zikalala interprets the above content in South African Sign Language.


Tumi Moloto (they/them) is a lover, somatic sex and relationship coach, a medicine maker @thefourseasonsapothecary

and talking head (and body!) @humanbecomingpodcast

Thuli Zikalala (she/her) is a visionary, creative and bold person who positions herself beyond her interpreting skills.

Over time, she has developed her brand and reputation by collaborating with like-minded people from different industries - ranging from digital, creative, and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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