Learning Garden

A community-led hub of embodied learning, building community and peer support. 

For learning together. For growing. For teaching. For intentional building. 

Upcoming Events

  • Care Work
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, 11 Dec
    A monthly group space of softness, mapping needs and developing care strategies for self and community.

Interested in creating an offering for the community? 

This is our space and a call for action for those who have something to share.

Apply to host a class/ working/ reading group/ around anything pleasure-related! Guided meditations, writing, intuitive cooking, breathwork, poetry as journaling, spiritual connection, creative connection, gardening, somatic healing - did we say ANYTHING?

You don't need to be 'accredited', you just need to have a yearning to connect and share.

If this is the sign you were looking for you to just START - here it is.

Shoot your shot, let's create something transformative together. 

Tell us about your offering, bb.

Thanks, love!