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Hello hi!


Queen of the fairies and the Greek goddess of pleasure, enjoyment and bliss. She is the Muse of Delight, spreading ecstasy and fulfilment. We take on her attributes in the work we do, creating a soft landing that supports and nourishes your body, mind and soul, reclaiming what pleasure is to you.


What we believe

The power of the erotic is in all we do, as Audre Lorde has theorised. We use our imaginations, fuelled by Black and Brown feminisms, healers and activists. We move forward via social justice and pleasure activism to shape realities that awake, understand and prioritise our wellness in every form.


What we do

Whatever the fuck we want. Energised by the holistic nature of pleasure, how it can be infused into all we are and do, we educate, empower and hopefully make you eager to invest in your own journeys of pleasure. We satisfy multiple needs at once, engaging our community on what you need and then doing the work of creating solutions.



Support the community

We are a small platform with a brilliant community, but we are self-funded by our founder. Keen to help us pay our contributors, our South African Sign Language interpreter and fund future projects? Feel free to donate below!

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